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V1 was about a man in the woods learning from the natural world. V2 is all about you. It is a wider social project that aims to facilitate innovation, creativity and production through community and nature, and is now open for you to join and evolve with! Get involved > 


V2 is creating a network of physical spaces in the natural world (CorcoHubs) that can be shared with the CorcoCommunity through private visits and public events. There are now four networked locations in England, Scotland, France and Spain with more on the radar including Pakistan, Mexico and Rwanda. 

In November 2018, the four established CorcoHubs came together to host The Swirl Tour -  a series of intimate micro-festivals featuring live performances, craft workshops, talks and walks in nature. 

But the CorcoCommunity isn’t just physical or analogue, it is also flourishing on a personal and digital level. CorcoCreators come together across the globe to contribute their own ideas and share their creations whether that be through writing, painting, singing, building, or gardening. V2 is digitally alive on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Medium and Slack.

As with V1, a number of creative materials are emerging from V2 including a YouTube video series, another Corcovado Handbook, and a film based on The Swirl Tour. 

  • Live performances, workshops + talks from artists and creators

  • Guided walks through the unique environments of the CorcoHubs 

  • Introductions with founder, Dave Erasmus +  the Corco Team

  • Discussions on creativity, nature + building a harmonious future

  • Evenings 'Around The Campfire' with music + storytelling

  • Local, community-led activities

  • Opportunities to learn creative processes + acquire new skills