The Corcovado story

In Version 1 of Corcovado, Dave Erasmus ventured into the woods with just a small shepherds hut with no goals or agenda. He removed everything from his life and returned to nature, opening up to allow the process of creation, and experiencing time and friendships in a different way to understand what he needed to add back in.

Dave learnt to flourish in the balance of On+Off Grid / Digital+Analog. During V1 the larger Corcovado project vision, activities and team emerged.

Version 2 – It’s about you

Taking the experience from V1 Corcovado; V2 was born with a focus on building, expanding and creating spaces, events and community to foster and facilitate technological innovation, creativity and production. V1 was a private, establishing and personal journey but Corcovado access is now open – you can join the exploration and collaboration; a public, creative and growing project that you can join and grow with.

V2 Corcovado is digitally alive on YouTube, Slack, Instagram and Medium. It’s heart beats too with analog Corcovado at four networked locations: Wiston, England; Strathmashie, Scotland; La Salle, France and Frescano, Spain. Sporadic huts and homes make up the rest of the physical manifestation of Corcovado.

The huts and bases of Corcovado are for making and offer a similar experience to Dave’s V1 project – exploration, self-discovery learning from nature and creating the future. Throughout the year events are held at these locations, where you can learn to build a hut, listen to music, paint, eat, explore and meet other like-minded people.

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Your bit

The Corcovado project relies on your participation and we’ll be creating lots of new ways to help you bring Corcovado into your home and life. Join the Slack group to discover your place in the project.