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Introducing Corcocoin

                  CORCOCOIN - an ecological currency providing a positive solution to global warming.

All the products can be bought at a saving of 20% using the CorcoCoin Tree token.  Each Tree token represents an actual tree that has been planted in the ground.  The tree is independently evidenced on the blockchain.

By using the Tree token for your purchase you will be helping support the vision of creating a carbon backed currency.

If you have a .trees account already you can transfer the trees for the payment directly with the merchant using your trees web wallet. 

If you are not yet registered with a trees account and would like to buy some trees to exchange for the goods and benefit from the discount, then please click this button, buy some trees and create your very own trees account.


The original Flat Wallet. Inspired by the Traveler's Notebook, the Flat Wallet is a two pocket wallet with a loop of elastic that both stores your banknotes securely and keeps your wallet shut. Handmade using full-grain leather, the Flat Wallet is an essential everyday carry. 


Go to send 5 TREE to flat.trees with 'wallet' in the message box.

Flat Wallet in Olive Green by FlatLeather (5🌲)

  • Payment can be made using GBP for £60 or you can make payment using the CorcoCoin Tree token

    5 TREE (£50 GBP equivalent)

    Account:  flat.trees

    Go to send 5 TREE to flat.trees with 'wallet' in the message box.


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