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A digital version of the Corcovado Handbook V1 feauturing tools, insights and thoughts from Dave Erasmus's personal experiment in the first year of the Corcovado Project.


The Corcovado Handbook is a collection of thinking from Dave’s 10 years experience of leading businesses and his time spent in the Sussex woodland, brought to life in collaboration with illustrators, photographers, musicians, designers and printers from within the CorcoCommunity.

Dave explores seven different elements and their metaphorical counterparts (Sun - Corcovado; Moon - The Unknown; River - Flow; Earth - Risk; Hut - Home; Deer - 'Other'; Butterfly - Dance), weaving theory, tools, and creative thinking into his explorational narrative. Each element encourages a fresh perspective, helping you to look at the world through different lenses using alternative ways of thinking, experiencing and engaging. 

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