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In a time where certainty in politics, employment and the future feels exhausted, where do we find stability? In 2016, Social Entrepreneur Dave Erasmus, pressed eject on his internet business world to live in the woods for a year. With friends and strangers joining this journey of discovery, invites from around the world kick-started a global conversation.


This inspiring film shows the story of how a small group of people intentionally set out on an adventure to go beyond their borders. They left the certainty of the known, and found in these new spaces a creative resilience and the age-old desire for authentic connections.

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Come and enjoy inspiring nature, food, fire, creativity with up to 30 friends!

The Swirl Tour is a series of intimate micro-festivals sharing natural on/off-grid environments. Hosted by the Corcovado network; inspired by nature, creativity and community.

  Enjoy a day of live performance, talks, craft workshops and walks through nature


 Meet Dave Erasmus (founder) and members of the Corcovado team and community


 Contribute to discussion about creativity, nature and building a harmonious future


  Learn about creative processes and acquire new skills

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