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Episode One: The Prelude

The Corcocoin is part of a storyline conceived in the biodiverse haven of Costa Rica's Corcovado Rainforest in 2014. Inspired by this intricate relationship between nature and humanity, a creative community of social entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, landowners and reformers slowly emerged. From a small cabin in the Sussex woods to a worldwide gathering of creative expression, this global community explored practical systems to support human flourishing and sustainable economics.

Episode Two: History


Economics is inspirational. Founded upon the idea of household management, people through history have explored what their transactions could look like through the lens of the individual home, societal home and ecological home. The early days of money used to be connected to something tangible and sustainable - you give me a cow, and I give you some of the gold that I physically own. Then, transactions became easier and a lot less heavy to carry.


Gold was replaced with receipts representing the personal wealth. Eventually, these receipts turned into the paper currency we carry around today in varied forms. Although what we have is convenient, we’ve also lost touch with that physical connection to something real. All we exchange now is a promise on an invisible currency that we have to keep faith in to maintain its value.


What if we can bring economics back to that co-depended ecology? Imagine the science of economics through the lens of the Corcovado Rainforest, where nature and humanity are interlinked, serving each other. It’s easier than it sounds and it's all about something real and tangible - trees. 

Episode Three: The Economics Of A Tree.

The advancement of Blockchain technology has smashed the frame through which we view currency. Its secure process, cryptography, has allowed the world to imagine alternative frameworks, enabling transactions beyond the restrictions of traditional means. Importantly, Blockchain technology opens up a transactional landscape where our engagement with money addresses one of the biggest impacts our disconnect with nature has produced - Climate Change. 

The interconnectedness of nature is still an intricate universe humanity is discovering, including the extraordinary process of how trees breaths in carbon dioxide, exhales oxygen and helps limit global warming. There are many wonderful initiatives that bring money and carbon-offsetting together. For example, donate ‘x’ amount and plant a tree. Although good and worthwhile, we believe our approach to money can go one stage further. 

The CORCOCOIN brings nature’s interconnectedness and Blockchain’s re-imagination back to the foundation of economics. 


For every £10 you exchange, a farmer plants a tree. Each tree is carefully selected, mindful of the location and ecosystem. A photo and GPS location are uploaded to the CORCO system supported by TELOS. Once confirmed, we create a TREE TOKEN, sent to your account handle (which is your certificate for your very own tree). Based upon the considerations for the diverse range of species we will plant, alongside the need to allow trees to retire in their own unique way, you will own your specific tree for 60 years.

During this time, as your tree transforms carbon into wood, your TREE TOKEN will gradually produce CORCOCOINS. Each CORCOCOIN is worth 1kg of Co2. Like other forms of cryptocurrency, you can keep or exchange these COINS depending upon partners and available services.

CORCOCOIN - an ecological currency providing a positive solution to global warming.


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