About us

The Corcovado Project is in its second year, known as V2. Created by Dave Erasmus, the project began as a personal journey and has expanded and evolved into an international hamlet and community of contributors and creators.

The team

Dave Erasmus

Dave Erasmus


Dave is an International speaker, he has exited three businesses, one of which is Givey. With four TEDx Talks and two spoken word EPs. He also posts weekly on his Youtube channel with 70,000 subscribers and over 2 million views.

Naomi Robinson

Naomi Robinson

Ethnographer and Post-grad researcher

Naomi is a social researcher, writer, and digital media enthusiast. She has an eclectic array of university degrees including arts, psychology, anthropology, ethnography, and human-computer interaction.

Trae Candelario

Admin and branding

Josh Price


Working groups

Our remaining team and contributors are split into work groups, each represented by a part of Corcovado. To see more, join one of the Slack groups related to the project, or the CorcoCreators Facebook group.