The Corcovado project

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We love learning from the wisdom of ecology, getting back to base reality and asking what is real and really going on.

Working groups

Join one (or more) of our seven workgroups thinking about the Corcovado ecosystem.

Got questions?

Find out more about how you can make an impact on the project, and how it will have an impact on you.

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Get the tools and plans to bring Corcovado home.

The network

Discover the four current bases that make up the Corcovado network

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The Corcovado network

The growing network currently includes four bases that will each bring a unique element to the project. But we also need you to join us in workshops, online activities, and real world meetups. We’ll have more information on how you can take part in the future.

Brenda's Cottage

This is the base Dave started, where the vlogs and podcasts are produced. We like thinking about network dynamics here.




House of Isidro

I am opening the doors of my home for six generations in the North of Spain to bring people together to make art, connect with the land which we live from and are a part of, and interact with each other like we all too often forget to in this rushed world.





Château De La Salle

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